High Hopes for Peace Smashed, for Tel Aviv Journalist

09.05.2013                      29.Ijar. 5773                     Tag 44 des Omer; Jom Kippur Katan

Westliche Illusionen verflogen:

High Hopes for Peace Smashed

Lital Shemesh is a 29-year-old successful, female, Israeli journalist who recently participated in a seminar with other young Israelis and Arabs in hopes of igniting optimism for peace. She returned from the seminar disappointed and disillusioned.

Her summary of her experience at the peace seminar appeared this past Thursday (May 2, 2013)on the Walla news site (admin: leider in hebräisch):

Peace? From the Palestinian Standpoint, There is a Past, No Future
by Lital Shemesh

I participated in the Dialogue for Peace Project for young Israelis and Palestinians who are politically involved in various frameworks. The project’s objective was to identify tomorrow’s leaders and bring them closer today, with the aim of bringing peace at some future time….