Rockets on the Negev don’t wreck Be’er Sheva’s spirit of social protest

22.08.2011                      22.Aw-Elul, 5771

Israelischer Sommer:

Rockets on the Negev don't wreck Be'er Sheva's spirit of social protest

Protesters in tent compound heed to Israel Defense Forces and police request and move activities to bomb shelter number 17.

Somebody sprayed the words "the people of Israel live" on the concrete wall that protects Be'er Sheva's number 17 bomb shelter. The message seemed particularly intriguing since the shelter has been hosting people from the Negev city's various populations groups.
It has hosted veterans of the poor Dalet neighborhood, students who rent flats in the area, people living in the nearby protest tents, and members of a group that works for Arab-Jewish cooperation who coincidentally use the shelter as a makeshift office. People from these and other neighborhoods congregated in the shelter yesterday, taking refuge from the rockets….