The myth of Israel’s Goliath image has been slain

20.08.2011                      20.Aw-Elul, 5771                      Ekew

Mythos Goliath:

The myth of Israel's Goliath image has been slain

Bleeding borders make it harder to condemn Israel's leaders for refusing to utter the words ‘negotiation on the basis of the '67 borders.’

The planning, time, place and methodology of the attacks in the south indicate that the intention was not just to kill Israelis, avenge Palestinian deaths, or speed up the end of occupation. Whoever sent the terrorists is no friend of President Mahmoud Abbas and his people, who are scurrying around trying to lobby support for a UN General Assembly vote for a Palestinian state next month.
After a long period in which Israel was seen as Goliath the peace objector, and the Palestinians as David, the occupation victim, the sides have swapped roles. When Israel is burying its dead, it's awkward to bother it with trifles like expanding the settlements….