A comforting classic reborn

02.12.2011                      06.Kislev. 5772


A comforting classic reborn

Chef Laura Frankel's mushroom meatloaf served with a peppercorn sauce will spruce up an average weeknight meal.

When the weather turns chilly, I crave warm and comforting meals like this delicious meatloaf. This is not your average weeknight meatloaf though.
I grind up whole mushrooms in my food processor and add it to the mix. The mushrooms add a deep earthy flavor and the extra moisture keeps the meatloaf from drying out.
Then, instead of the classic tomato/ketchup glaze for the meatloaf, I top the loaf with this savory and delicious peppercorn mushroom sauce. The sauce is loaded with caramelized onions, mushrooms and toasted peppercorns. This sauce will take your weekday meatloaf and turn it into a treat worthy of company. Leftover sauce can be frozen and served over steaks, brisket or poultry….


Peppercorn and Mushroom Wine Sauce