A hearty haven in Ra’anana

18.03.2011                      12.Adar ll, 5771

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A hearty haven in Ra'anana

Liliot Bistro is a great place to eat and a social initiative in action.

I chose a plate of real comfort food for a cold night, the pot-au-feu – stewed meat with new potatoes and carrots, which Jacob told me had been simmering for eight hours. It was a huge portion, slightly sweet and very tasty.
My husband chose the prime rib steak with crispy hot fries (chips to Brits) on the side. He said it was grilled to perfection. I tasted a piece, which got stuck in my windpipe and I staggered up, managing to mouth the word “Heimlich.” He, a seasoned doctor, took a while to get the message but finally slapped me on my back and dislodged the wayward piece of meat. A glass of water had materialized from nowhere, attesting to the fine and attentive service….