A woman’s best friends

22.06.2011                      20.Siwan, 5771


A woman's best friends

A new store for plus-size women's clothing has greatly improved the selection available to this market segment.

It's easy to miss the new store for plus-size women's clothing that opened recently in the Migdalei Tel Aviv shopping mall. But not because the shop is hidden in a distant corner of the mall; it is one of the first stores one sees when entering. Rather, it's because the storefront provides no hint of what it offers: not in the sign that says "Marilyn" in large letters, next to a picture, sketched in a few curved lines, of a purple dress hung on a black hanger, and not in the emaciated white mannequins of the type common in most boutique windows.
The store's owners, Dikla and Micha Fuchs, 31 and 32, admitted that the choice of mannequins stemmed from the lack of any alternative….