Aktuelles vom 22-09-2014

22.09.2014                      27.Elul.5774

Neue Nachrichten:


Islamic State takes aim at Egypt through Sinai terror group

IS spokesman praises Sinai terrorists for carrying out "blessed operations against the guards of the Jews, the soldiers of Sisi, the new Pharaoh of Egypt"….


Internationaler Gerichtshof:

‘Hague Day’ brings into focus decisions by ICC that could have major ramifications for Israel

Non-involvement in cases concerning Kenya, Egypt, Libya indicate International Criminal Court might decide not to investigate Palestinian complaints against Jewish state, says legal expert….



King Abdullah says Jordan successfully fended off Islamic State and secured its borders

In '60 Minutes' interview, king of Jordan warns that Islamic State is self financing and poses threat to the entire region; state's army has retaliated to "contacts" with militants on the border.​…



Senior defense official: No operational reason to build West Bank Battir barrier at present

IDF's goal is to preserve its right to build the barrier in the area in the future, official tells the Post….



'The Syrian war is not our conflict, but we are preparing for day this changes'

Senior IDF source: if necessary, 'air force and artillery can be mobilized in minutes', adds Islamic State is dozens of kilometers away, but this 'could change tomorrow'….



Israel, Hamas indirect talks scheduled for Cairo on Tuesday

Israel will raise its demand to prevent the rearming of Hamas and the eventual demilitarization of Gaza.​…



Hamas to PA: Show us proof that int'l organizations will cease aid if our salaries are not paid

Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah said recently that donor countries had warned him not to pay salaries to Hamas’ 40,000 civil servants.​…



Man stung to death by bees in Kiryat Gat

Agricultural worker succumbs to his wounds after being treated for bee stings across entire body.​…



London council removes signs telling women which side of road to walk down

Posters which read, "Women should please walk along this side of the road only,” in both English and Yiddish were placed in London's Stamford Hill neighborhood….



Israeli population climbs to 8,904,373 ahead of Jewish New Year

Population increases by 173,811; the number of new Olim to Israel the past year stands at 24,801; most popular boys' names are Joseph, Daniel and Ori; Tamar, Noa and Shira most popular for girls.​…



"Anti-Defamation League" ehrt Mathias Döpfner

Die Anti-Defamation League hat den Vorstandsvorsitzenden der Axel Springer SE, Mathias Döpfner, ausgezeichnet. Er habe mit dem Verlag Führungsstärke im Widerstand gegen Antisemitismus gezeigt….


Israelische Firma:

Abschleppdienst im All soll in zwei Jahren starten

Sie sollen huckepack in den Orbit geschossen werden und dann bis zu 20 künstlichen Erdtrabanten helfen können: Ein Unternehmen aus Israel will Ende 2016 Reparaturen im All per Mikrosatellit anbieten….



Berühmter israelischer Geheimagent Mike Harari gestorben

Der berühmte israelische Geheimagent Michael (Mike) Harari ist tot. Harari starb am Sonntag im Alter von 87 Jahren in seiner Geburtsstadt Tel Aviv, wie am Montag bekannt wurde….



Flucht ins Verderben

Immer mehr Menschen wagen eine lebensgefährliche Flucht aus dem Gazastreifen nach Europa. Erst vor kurzer Zeit sank unweit von Malta ein Flüchtlingsschiff, bei dem 500 Personen ertranken. Viele von ihnen waren Palästinenser….