An exodus we didn’t need

04.08.2011                      04.Aw-Elul, 5771


An exodus we didn't need

Many of the Finance Ministry's top hands are decamping, leaving empty desks and rookies to deal with mounting pressure from tent dwellers; could 40 years of bumbling bureaucrats be in the offing?

The social unrest spreading through the country caught the Finance Ministry completely unprepared and at the worst possible time. Top people have been decamping and many of its highest posts remain unmanned, with no suitable candidates in the offing.
Its personnel problem is evident in the way the ministry has been dealing, or not dealing, with current events. For instance, nobody there estimated the cost of the prime minister's suggestions for resolving the housing crisis, which Benjamin Netanyahu put forward at a press conference last week (affordable housing, more student dorms and student discounts for public transportation )….