An idiot’s guide to Hanukka

19.12.2011                      23.Kislev. 5772


An idiot's guide to Hanukka

Stand-up comedian and writer Benji Lovitt gives his own unique take on the Festival of Lights.

What’s not to like about the Festival of Lights? A time to sing….to play….to clog your arteries with cooking oil. Whether you like your latkes with apple sauce or sour cream, there’s much to celebrate for eight days this December, so gather round and let’s learn about the upcoming Jewish holiday.
What’s this celebration all about? In 168 BCE, the Syrian-Greek army gained control of the Jewish Temple. In 167 BCE, their king, Antiohus, declared that followers of Judaism would be killed. And in 166 BCE, Jewish rebels known as the Maccabees decided that two thousand years later, their descendants might need a reason to make dorky YouTube videos….