Analysis: Putting the UN in perspective

13.04.2011                      09.Nisan, 5771


Putting the UN in perspective

Misinformation characterizes discussions of what the General Assembly’s recognition of a Palestinian state would mean.

For years, the Likud and the Right have been accused of fear-mongering, of playing upon the country’s real security concerns to turn their backs on peace.
Time and time again Binjamin Netanyahu – during his first tenure as prime minister, as leader of the opposition, as a member of Ariel Scharon's government, and now as prime minister for the second time – has been accused of exaggerating the threats facing the country in order to avoid making concessions to the Palestinians. Many were the times he was mocked before Israel’s 2005 withdrawal from Gaza for saying that rockets would fall on Ashdod and Ashkelon if the IDF withdrew.