Animal attractions

04.10.2012                      18.Tischrei. 5773                      Chol Hamo'ed 2

Entdecke Israel:

Animal attractions

A collection of some of the country’s more lively tourist sites, from camel-riding to cow-milking.

Israel may be most famous for its sun, sand, sea and Biblical sites , but it also has some great places where you can get to know a wide variety of local and exotic animals and enjoy other fun activities at the same time….

1. Camel Riders – Mamshit

2. Alpaca Farm – Negev Highlands

3. Deer Farm – Gush Etzion

4. Robotic cowshed – Kfar Yehezkel

5. Hai Park – Kiryat Motzkin

6. Ma’ayan Zvi Fishing Park – North