Arab town’s ’noisy‘ prayers annoy Jewish neighbors

09.12.2011                      13.Kislev. 5772


Arab town's 'noisy' prayers annoy Jewish neighbors

Rosh Ha'ayin mayor, residents want government to turn muezzins' volume down.

Rosh Ha'ayin's mayor and his constituents are taking a stand against Muslim muezzin prayer calls emanating from nearby Kafr Qasem, objecting that the sounds are a disturbance that harms their quality of life. Rosh Ha'ayin Mayor Moshe Sinai has turned to the government, demanding that the Environmental Protection Ministry's director of central region affairs, Gideon Mazor, take action to enforce noise pollution laws.
This appeal stems from a number of complaints lodged by town residents in past years, particularly from Rosh Ha'ayin's northern neighborhood. "Our neighborhood are located on a hill; and this location means that residents hear muezzin calls very strongly," said one Rosh Ha'ayin resident….