Ask the barman: It’s hard being everyone’s ‚Mate‘

15.06.2011                      13.Siwan, 5771 

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Ask the barman: It's hard being everyone's 'Mate'

When not charming the tourists in his gentlemanly British accent, Dor Tumarkin can be found hard at work behind the bar at one of Florentine's hottest nightspots.

The Tel Aviv bar scene has its fair share of laid back places to grab a pint of beer with friends, and "Mate" in Florentine is up there with some of the best. Dor Tumarkin is one of the local barmen that can be found pulling pints and charming the customers at all hours of the day. His great people skills have helped him become an established bartender on the Tel Aviv scene. After a long shift, he took some time to answer a few questions (in a perfectly charming British accent) about where he learned to make drinks and who his ideal drinking partner would be….