Assad: Protests in Egypt, Tunisia mark ’new era‘

31.01.2011                     26.Shevat, 5771


Assad: Protests in Egypt, Tunisia mark 'new era'

Syrian president says Arab leaders will have to enact democratic reforms as increasing number of Facebook pages call for protests in Damascus.

Syrian President Bashar Assad addressed the protests in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen, saying they spell the beginning of a "new era" in the Middle East in which Arab rulers will have to enact democratic reforms. Assad's comments came in an interview published in Monday's Wall Street Journal.
The Syrian leader's recognition of the need for reform in the Arab world came as an increasing number of calls for mass protests in Syria were being seen on Facebook. According to the Middle East Media Research Istitute (MEMRI) website, multiple Facebook pages are calling on the Syrian masses to take to the streets on February 5 in peaceful demonstrations against Assad's oppressive regime….