‚Ayatollahs prove need for recognition of Jewish state‘

02.10.2011                      04.Tischrei. 5772                      Fasten Gedaliah

Antwort auf Ayatollahs:

'Ayatollahs prove need for recognition of Jewish state'

Netanyahu defends Israel's right to security, demand for recognition as a Jewish state, following Iran supreme leader's strong anti-Israel rhetoric.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Saturday responded to anti-Israel comments made by Iran's supreme leader, saying the Ayatollahs' declarations of "their intentions to annihilate Israel, give credence to the government's insistence on Israel's security needs and our demand that Israel be recognized as a Jewish state." 
Netanyahu added that "Israel will continue to strive for peace while ensuring that conditions are in place to promise a secure future to Israeli citizens for generations to come."…