Be Merry / Breakfast of Olympic champions

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Be Merry / Breakfast of Olympic champions

Granola enjoys a healthy image, but only the homemade variety guarantees freshness and a high nutritional value. Here's three ways to make your own.

When vegetarianism took off in the United States in the mid-19th century, it prompted many questions about nutrition, health and lifestyle. One of these was which type of breakfast would generate energy for daily activity and also be healthy and tasty. Salt, white flour, sugar, beef and lard were all burnt at the stake. In those days, there was an urgent need to find a substitute for bacon omelets, sugary pancakes, white toast (spread with lard ), and corn porridge suffused with butter.
One of the first people to put forward oats as a healthy breakfast alternative was the Presbyterian minister Sylvester Graham, who manufactured crackers out of toasted oats. Years later Dr. Connor Lacey ground the crackers into flakes, dried them and called them "granola." Only in the mid-20th century was granola enriched with various nuts, raisins and honey….

Classic granola