Be Merry / It’s a date

01.10.2012                      15.Tischrei. 5773                      Sukkot 1


Be Merry / It’s a date

This luscious fruit, enjoyed by our forebears in the ancient world, gives a sweet touch to cakes, entrees and salads.

The origin of the palm trees that bear sweet amber-colored dates is Iraq, from where they spread to the countries of the Mediterranean. It is perhaps surprising to learn that the date palm only grows along the Syrian-African rift. The tree is called nachle in Arabic, meaning “tree of life”. Apparently
Mohammed instructed his followers to nurture the palms, and according to tradition dates are still the first food eaten after the daily fast during Ramadan. Dates are so nourishing that desert nomads can subsist for a long time on nothing but them and goat’s milk. In the ancient world they used to say that the best dates came from Jericho, because of the ideal conditions there, allowing the trees’ “heads in the sky and their feet in the water” − which is to say, in an oasis….

Date cake with almonds & raw tahini

Zucchini stuffed with meat, dates & couscous in silan sauce

Couscous salad with dates & cashews