Be Merry / Longing for sofrito

02.02.2012                      09.Schwat. 5772


Be Merry / Longing for sofrito

Sofrito is an enticing alternative to hamin – a slow-cooking, filling dish for a Shabbat lunch.

Sometimes the mere mention of the name sofrito, to say nothing of its fragrance,is enough to unleash a wave of nostalgia among those who grew up in a Sephardi family. Perhaps more than any other dish, sofrito is reminiscent of food from long ago from mother's house, a wholly unpretentious meal that tugs at your heartstrings and dampens your eyes.
The name sofrito derives from the Spanish word sofrier, meaning lightly fried. The traditional sofrito is a classic dish of chicken, lamb, or beef – sometimes in combination – with qualities of contemporary cooking: a handful of ingredients, precise seasoning and an emphasis on the main ingredient….

Six-hour sofrito with sweet potatoes, prunes and star anise

Cauliflower, celery & potato sofrito