Be Merry / Raw French appeal

14.06.2012                      24.Siwan. 5772


Be Merry / Raw French appeal

Preparing steak tartare is easy. All it takes is a little courage and a hunk of quality beef.

Steak tartare is undoubtedly one of the gourmet dishes of modern French cuisine. This refined dish was apparently invented in the 12th century by Tatar soldiers. The latter placed cuts of raw meat underneath their horse saddles, and the meat grew soft from their weight and the motion of the road. In the evening they would chop up the meat finely and eat it uncooked. The Tatars introduced this dish to the Russians, who named it after them and divulged the secret of tartare to the French. The French, for their part, added capers and an egg yolk, and that is how it became known to the world – properly seasoned and surprising in its refined taste….

Kibbeh Nayeh

Steak tartare