B’nai B’rith talks of Schalit, Iran’s nukes in Pope meeting

16.05.2011                      12.Ijar, 5771                      Tag 27 des Omer


B’nai B’rith talks of Schalit, Iran's nukes in Pope meeting

Pontiff expresses gratitude to delegation that ‘the aspirations of the Jewish people for a home in the land of their fathers have been fulfilled.’

A senior B’nai B’rith International leadership delegation raised concerns in a Thursday meeting with Pope Benedict XVI over the unprecedented upheaval in the Middle East and ongoing challenges there to Jews and Christians.
Other issues discussed included the continuing cruel captivity of 24- year-old Gilad Schalit, Iran’s illicit nuclear program and support of terrorism and the role of religious and political extremism in preventing regional peace. The pontiff told the group that “the life and work of all believers…should embody the conviction that a loving, compassionate Providence guides the final outcome of history, no matter how difficult and threatening the journey along the way may sometimes appear.”…