‚Born-again Ziontist‘ revolutionizing solar energy field

07.10.2011                      09.Tischrei. 5772                      Erew Jom Kippur


'Born-again Ziontist' revolutionizing solar energy field

Professor David Faiman of Israel's National Solar Energy Center is dedicated to ensuring the country's 'energy independence'.

A scientist who immigrated from the U.K. and became one of Israel's top solar-power researchers is spearheading efforts to push the country into a new age. Prof. David Faiman, the director of Israel's National Solar Energy Center at Sde Boker, says the government must immediately invest in major solar energy infrastructure projects, coupled with a public relations push to convince the populace of their necessity.
Faiman moved to Israel right before the Yom Kippur war and says the subsequent Arab oil boycotts convinced him the country must embrace alternative energy, specifically that drawn from the sun, which he has spent the last decades of his career working to harness….