Brotherhood gets out Muslim message with movies

04.07.2011                      02.Tammus, 5771


Brotherhood gets out Muslim message with movies

Egyptian Islamic group only recently allowed back into politics ventures into film, new media to galvanize, attract new supporters.

A Christian and a Muslim lay injured in an Egyptian hospital room. The Christian, who has just lost an eye in a terrorist attack on his church, turns to his neighbor and asks why Muslims attack Christians. 

"What do you mean by Muslims? Can the person who did this really be a Muslim?" answers the other, injured in the same attack.
The evident symbolism in the short film "The Eye Does Not See" may seem kitsch to Western viewers, but it exposes a widespread idealistic vision of sectarian relations in post-revolutionary Egypt. At the end of the film, the Muslim patient dies, but donates his cornea to save the vision of his Christian companion….