Brutal murder stirs Palestinian debate on women’s rights

19.05.2011                      15.Ijar, 5771                      Tag 30 des Omer


Brutal murder stirs Palestinian debate on women's rights

PA promises reforms to ensure greater equality between men and women after the "honor killing" of Aaya Barad'iyya by her uncle.

A slain Palestinian woman, murdered by her uncle and three other men for disgracing the family, has evoked widespread public debate on the age-old practice of honor killings. 
Aaya Barad'iyya, 21, a student from the village of Surif near Hebron, was drowned in a well near her home in April 2010 by her male relative, who disapproved of a marriage proposal she had received. Her body was only discovered 11 days ago, more than a year after the murder….