Chosen Bites: Bright and sunny forecast

25.05.2012                      04.Siwan. 5772                    Tag 48 des Omer


Chosen Bites: Bright and sunny forecast

This sauce is the perfect icing on the cake for a fish entrée; enjoy the luxury dairy flavors for Shavuot.

Whenever I write a menu, whether for home or work, I agonize over the sauce for the entrée. The sauce not only moistens the entrée, it gives the entire dish the character and flavor profile. If you think about it, the sauce is really the most important part of the meal.
For example, I can take a simple salmon filet and add a miso-ginger sauce and immediately ground the entire meal in an Asian style. Or, I can take the same piece of salmon and add a buttery-lemony sauce and transport that piece of fish to France. If I am feeling Middle Eastern, I can make a lemony-tahini number that will take my fish to a different part of the world….

Classic Beurre Blanc