Chosen Bites: Build a better latke

16.12.2011                      20.Kislev. 5772


Chosen Bites: Build a better latke

Celebrate Hanukka this year with a modern version of the classic applesauce.

I love the latke, and who doesn’t? All crispy and crackly with sizzling onions right out of the pan, the latke holds such promise. And then the whole thing goes right out the window for me when topped with jarred, beige, boring applesauce.
All the time spent making delicious latkes just seems wasted to me when topped with something that is not as equally delicious.
This Hanukka, I am celebrating the latke topper. I have come up with modern versions of the classic applesauce and some new toppers as well. This year the latke topper gets the much needed makeover….

Chef Laura's basic latke 

Apple-Cranberry sauce

Pomegranate-Ginger applesauce

Horseradish and wasabi salmon schmear

Mixed olive tapenade


Corned beef hash