Chosen Bites: Last of the uglies

18.11.2011                      21.Cheschwan. 5772


Chosen Bites: Last of the uglies

Horseradish may be a pungent perennial, but it's the perfect flavoring when used in small doses.

I don’t have to tell any Jewish cook how ugly this last of the Ugly Ducklings is. Frequently only used during Pesach and any other time gefilte fish is served, horseradish is certainly not an attractive member of the produce family.
Horseradish is a member of the mustard family which also includes wasabi, broccoli and cabbages. While relatively odor free while uncut, horseradish becomes extremely pungent once cut or grated, and as any Jewish home cook knows, is an extreme nose and eye irritant as mustard gases are produced. If the cut horseradish is stabilized in an acidic solution, the horseradish becomes bitter and darkens with exposure to oxygen….

Horseradish Crusted Steak