CITYbites: There’s no place like Mike’s Place

21.07.2011                      19.Tammus, 5771


CITYbites: There's no place like Mike's Place

If you're up until later-than-usual-hours then stop on by this Jerusalem institution for Happy Hour; who knows you might meet some friendly new faces.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Mike's Place is good food, free live music, great beer and an "international" atmosphere.  Mike's Place is that non-stop hangout we've all come to love over the years. It seems that Mike's Place has been around forever, and the story of its humble beginnings back in 1993 plays a big part in what makes this place such a success in Israel.
Today, Mike's Place has three locations in Israel: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Ramat Hayal. It all started in Jerusalem when Mike, a retired photo-journalist opened a cozy little bar in downtown Jerusalem. The pub had such a laid-back setting that people often mistook Mike's Place for a private living room….