Comics / The creation according to Crumb

04.03.2011                      28.Adar l, 5771


Comics / The creation according to Crumb

Comics legend Robert Crumb did not change a single word in the original text of the Book of Genesis, but by virtue of his spectacular visual language, he has infused it with new life.

The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb. 
W.W. Norton, 224 pages, $24.95 (Hebrew edition from Am Oved Publishers,  221 pages, NIS 118‏)

Robert Crumb’s comic book, “The Book of Genesis Illustrated,” has been published in Hebrew at approximately the same time as a controversy of sorts has developed with regard to the rewriting of the Bible into contemporary Hebrew, in an edition known as the Ram Tanakh ‏(Hebrew Bible‏). The timing is nothing more than a publishing coincidence, but nonetheless holds significance….