Cooking class: Baking’s best nut

10.01.2011                     5.Shevat, 5771


Cooking class: Baking's best nut

Toast walnuts to add sensational flavor to your cakes, cookies and pastries.

Whenever we’re toasting walnuts for a dish, the aroma and flavor are so tempting that we have to prepare extra for on-the-spot snacking. Toasting not only enhances the nuts’ taste; it also gives them a crisper texture. Toasted walnuts do wonders for simple foods, like a bowl of oatmeal or plain yogurt drizzled with a little honey, especially if the nuts are served when still warm. And walnuts add a sensational flavor to cakes, cookies and pastries. Helene Siegel, author of The Totally Nuts Cookbook, considers walnuts “the most versatile nut for baking.”
One of the oldest tree foods, walnuts are estimated to have been known for 9,000 years. Recipes for Austro-Hungarian walnut tortes may be the most famous formulas for using them in European desserts….