Cooking Class: The green chameleon

08.08.2011                      08.Aw-Elul, 5771


Cooking Class: The green chameleon

Zucchini, one of the most versatile vegetables, can be prepared in many different ways and replace other, more expensive ingredients.

At a small deli in south Tel Aviv I enjoyed a vegetarian chopped liver sandwich and asked the vendor what it was made of. To my surprise he answered that it was made from summer squash. The savory filling gained flavor from plenty of sautéed onions as well as chopped hard boiled eggs and a generous amount of seasoning. Indeed, summer squash, which includes zucchini and the Israeli kishu (known to English speakers as white squash, Mexican squash, clarita squash and courgette), is used to imitate different foods. Zucchini shows up in all sorts of surprising roles. Some blend roasted zucchini with onions to make a dip resembling guacamole, instead of using avocado….