Egyptian journalist rejects Israel’s criticism of Shalit interview

19.10.2011                      21.Tischrei. 5772                       Hoschanah Rabbah


Egyptian journalist rejects Israel's criticism of Shalit interview

Shahira Amin tells Haaretz 'I asked Gilad if he was willing to be interviewed and he said he was,' says otherwise she wouldn't have conducted the interview.

Shahira Amin, the Egyptian journalist who interviewed Gilad Shalit moments after his release, rejects the criticism – especially from Israel – about the nature and length of their interview on Tuesday morning.
Talking to Haaretz, Amin wanted to send a message to Israelis: "I heard the criticism, but I think it is incorrect. I'm a journalist, and any journalist would want to conduct an interview that would be aired all over the world."…