Egypt’s Christians split over Islamist gains

08.12.2011                      12.Kislev. 5772

Ägyptische Wahlen:

Egypt's Christians split over Islamist gains

Coptic community fear uncertain future with Islamist in power; many contemplate fleeing, others seek alternative solutions.

An Islamist surge in Egypt has left a large Christian minority divided over whether to flee the country, stay silent, or reach out to a political force that seems guaranteed a major role in the country's future.
The pessimists say a revolution that began with the uprising against Hosni Mubarak in January is unraveling because many Islamists, who won a first round of parliamentary elections, have little interest in civil liberties or religious freedom.
They say pledges from Islamists to protect the Copts, the mostly Orthodox Christians whose roots go back to before the arrival of Islam in the seventh century, contradict much of their campaign rhetoric….