Egypt’s heavy burden of bread

26.10.2011                      28.Tischrei. 5772


Egypt's heavy burden of bread

Subsidies on bread, rice, sugar, cooking oil and fuel waste food, cost government dearly, but are politically untouchable.

Menna Gabr, a 25-year-old mother of two living in Cairo’s poor Imbaba district, goes every day to the local gama’iya, or government-run supermarket, to buy two loaves of bread for a price of less than one cent apiece. Once every two weeks, she goes there to buy a kilo (2.2 pounds) of rice also at a heavily subsidized price.
“There is simply no way we could afford to feed our family on my husband’s salary,” she told The Media Line. “Egypt has become very expensive and the only way we are healthy is using this,” she says, holding up her ration card. “Life is hard. Do they want another revolution by the people?”…