Egypt’s military council and Muslim Brotherhood hijacked the revolution

25.11.2011                      28.Cheschwan. 5772


Egypt's military council and Muslim Brotherhood hijacked the revolution

The young secular Egyptians who helped oust President Mubarak are now facing a strange alliance between the ruling military council and the Islamic Brotherhood – a result of shared interests, not a love affair.

In the beginning, there was the "Arab Spring." It took the form of a wave of fresh young revolutionary movements that swept across almost the entire Middle East, in the name of Western democratic ideas and a human desire to be rid of despots who had ruled for decades by force. Gradually, though, signs of an "Islamic Winter" have begin to emerge.
Within less than a year since the outbreak of the revolutions in the region, an Islamic party called Ennahda (the Renaissance ) has come to power by democratic means in Tunisia. Although this party is identified with the relatively pragmatic stream of political Islam, it's clear that the West's dreams that Tunisia's secular character would be preserved have met the same fate as the country's deposed president, Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali….