Egypt’s military regime faces off with public on Facebook

05.05.2011                      01.Ijar, 5771                      Rosch Hodesch 2; Tag 16 des Omer


Egypt's military regime faces off with public on Facebook

But newfound liberties aren't distributed equally to all Egyptians after blogger gets 3 years in jail for allegedly defaming army.

Banned by the government and ignored by most people until just a few months ago, Facebook is rapidly becoming the communications medium of choice for Egyptians and an expression of their new-found freedom to speak freely about anything and everything (except the army).
Glorified as a hero of the revolution that toppled President Hosni Mubarak in February and now used by the government itself, Facebook has seen usage growing by leaps and bounds. Some seven million Egyptians were using it in March, a third more than in December, making the country one of the fastest growing markets for the social media tool, according to web analyst Nick Gonzalez, whose site monitors the social network….