Egypt’s persisting power struggles may stall the dawning of a new era

23.05.2012                      02.Siwan. 5772                    Tag 46 des Omer


Egypt's persisting power struggles may stall the dawning of a new era

Egypt's parliament is no longer a rubber stamp, but a powerful body that can decide the country's foreign policy, while striving to subject the military to its supervision.

"Restoring Egypt's sewage system is a small matter compared to the danger that we will go to hell", claimed several Egyptian parliament members in a discussion over accepting a loan of $300 million from the World Bank. "We have no problem negotiating over loans from international bodies, but only for the most necessary matters", stated Ibrahim Abdel Rahman, head of the financial committee in the parliament. These two declarations do not refer to Egypt's financial hardships, but rather the way in which Islamic Law will participate in the country's management. The threat of "going to hell" is based on a religious edict which forbids the practice of loans with interest, while "necessary matters" is a religious principle that states that "the necessities annul the prohibitions". The question that stands before the financial committee is whether the loan for restoring the sewage system is one of the necessities that annul the interest or part of a prohibition on all forms of interest….