Ehud Barak doesn’t care if no one likes him

14.05.2011                      10.Ijar, 5771                      Behar; Tag 25 des Omer


Ehud Barak doesn't care if no one likes him

All signs show that Ehud Barak is planning his comeback to the Prime Minister's Office. And as crazy as it sounds, he has a better chance than most of getting there.

1. The man who keeps coming back

At the Independence Day reception for outstanding soldiers held at the President's Residence, the president, the prime minister, the defense minister and the chief of staff were each asked to choose a song and sing it via live broadcast with vocalists who were on hand. Defense Minister Ehud Barak chose "I Am Here," the song by Haim Hefer and Dubi Seltzer made famous by Yehoram Gaon. "I return from an unsown land, I return from 1,000 incarnations," sang Barak with Harel Skaat. "I'm the man who always returns, returns."…