Ethiopians slams gov’t plan to improve integration

24.05.2012                      03.Siwan. 5772                    Tag 47 des Omer


Ethiopians slams gov't plan to improve integration

Increasing number of Ethiopian Israelis join backlash against plan to tackle myriad social problems facing the community.

An increasing number of Ethiopian Israelis joined the backlash on Wednesday against a recently approved government plan aimed at improving integration and tackling the myriad social problems facing the community of close to 130,000.
“Over the years, Ethiopians have not been involved at all in creating government programs for the community,” said the Knesset’s only Ethiopian-born MK Shlomo Molla (Kadima), who called an emergency conference to discuss the plan that Prime Minister’s Office director-general Harel Locker drafted and the cabinet approved last week….