Every Israeli’s duty to protest

22.07.2011                      20.Tammus, 5771


Every Israeli's duty to protest

Israel has become one of the most expensive countries in the world, with an average salary that is far from commensurate, because there is nothing that will cost the ruling gangs their seats.

Almost all of the ills that have befallen us in recent years were fueled by apathy. A single thread runs from the large increase in the cost of living, through the Carmel Forest fire to the decline of democracy. The day on which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sat with total contempt for the sensibilities of public opinion and media scrutiny and appointed a bloated cabinet with dozens of ministers (many of whom have no real ministry ), but with no health minister, it was already clear Netanyahu had internalized the new rules of the game: There's no reason to be afraid of the people. The people are worn out. They have lost faith in the prospect for change, drowning in a false individualism. There is no prospect for revolution over the horizon….