Family Affair / The Dabushes

28.05.2011                      24.Ijar, 5771                      Bamidbar; Tag 39 des Omer

Besuch in einer Familie:

Family Affair / The Dabushes

Meet the Dabushes, from Kibbutz Bror Hayil.

The cast: Emily (38), Avi (35), Daniel (4) and Hillel (2). Other tenants: Gutzi (8) and Moustache (10), dogs; Avner (16) and To'am (8), cats.

The home: New, on the eastern outskirts of the kibbutz, in the expansion area (still under construction), one floor, flat roof, behind a wall of Syrian thistles with purple flowers ("This month we are bringing in a gardener"), under blue Negev skies and a broiling sun. There's parking for a Suzuki in front, and an open terrace out back.
Entering: The large, white-walled space has a floor of black granite porcelain tiles ("I like black and white," Emily says. "My life is like that, too"). The living room looks onto a kitchen with white Formica cupboards and a black stone work surface. Emily says the current furniture is temporary and most of it will be replaced….