‚Fight against Iran nukes stymied by cultural gaps‘

03.02.2012                      10.Schwat. 5772

Iran Bedrohung:

'Fight against Iran nukes stymied by cultural gaps'

Veteran Pentagon analyst Harold Rhode says Iranians "want nothing more than to not be humiliated. Our job is to help them."

The latest iteration of the Herzliya Conference convened this week under the heading “The Balance of Israel’s National Security”. But the bulk of attention attention at this year’s forum fell squarely on a single issue: Iran.
The West believes the Islamic Republic is pursuing nuclear weapons, and last week the European Union joined the United States and Britain in implementing biting sanctions against its oil trade. Given Tehran’s record of denying or belittling the Holocaust, the classical anti-Semitic motifs of its rhetoric and incessant threats to eliminate the Jewish state, it was altogether expected that no topic would pack the conference halls more than the Iran-Israel war of words….