Former British soldier’s photos shed new light on Mandate era

08.05.2011                      04.Ijar, 5771                      Tag 19 des Omer


Former British soldier's photos shed new light on Mandate era

A picture album, on display for the first time in the Museum of Underground Prisoners in Jerusalem, dramatically documents the end of the British Mandate and the beginning of the War of Independence.

Thomas Goodwin's name will always be remembered when the struggle against the British Mandate is chronicled. It was Goodwin who, in April 1947, was the guard for two condemned men, Meir Feinstein and Moshe Barazani. The pair cheated the gallows by taking their own lives, but spared Goodwin's life because of his humane manner.
Feinstein gave him a Bible bearing the chilling inscription: "In the shadow of the gallows, 21.4.47. To the British soldier as you stand guard. Before we go to the gallows, accept this Bible as a memento and remember that we stood in dignity and marched in dignity. It is better to die with a weapon in hand than to live with hands raised. Meir Feinstein."…