‚France, Britain may recognize Palestinian state‘

05.05.2011                      01.Ijar, 5771                      Rosch Hodesch 2; Tag 16 des Omer


'France, Britain may recognize Palestinian state'

Cameron: UK support for Israel "unshakable," but Guardian reports UK to consider supporting Palestinian UN statehood bid if Israel fails to join peace talks, Sarkozy says the same in interview with "L'Express."

Hours after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with his British counterpart David Cameron and on the eve of his planned meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday, foreign sources said that both heads of state have threatened to support the Palestinians' statehood bid in the UN if there is no progress in peace talks.
The Guardian quoted a diplomatic source as saying Cameron told Netanyahu that Britain would consider supporting a unilateral declaration of statehood by the Palestinians if Israel fails to join substantive peace talks to create a two-state solution….