‚Freeing Schalit would help Palestinian statehood bid‘

26.06.2011                      24.Siwan, 5771

Gilad Schalit:

'Freeing Schalit would help Palestinian statehood bid'

As Schalit family marks 5th anniversary of Gilad's kidnapping, French official tells 'Post': "When one pretends to be a state ruled by law, one has to show respect for basic international humanitarian law.”

Releasing IDF soldier Gilad Schalit from captivity in Gaza would go a long way toward proving to the international community that Palestinians are ready for statehood in September, France’s Ambassador for Human Rights Francois Zimeray said on Friday.
Schalit, 24, holds dual Israeli-French citizenship, and France has actively lobbied on his behalf since Hamas kidnapped him on June 25, 2006, as he patrolled the Gaza border near Kerem Shalom with his tank unit….