Gentile returns hametz he took from J’lem community

28.04.2011                      24.Nisan, 5771                      Tag 9 des Omer


Gentile returns hametz he took from J'lem community

Muslim man says drinking alcohol was against his religion and therefore he brought the merchandise back, which included pricey bottles of whiskey.

After causing great consternation to the haredi community in Jerusalem’s Ramat Shlomo neighborhood, a seemingly penitent gentile has decided to return the hametz he had taken before Pessah.
As reported in the haredi media and in these pages, a non-Jewish resident of Shuafat had acted on his right to take the food – much of which was liquor – that were set apart and legally bestowed upon him, to enable the Jews to fulfill the commandment of not owning leavened products over the holiday….