German mediator explains intelligence agency’s role in Shalit deal

15.10.2011                      17.Tischrei. 5772                       Chol Hamo'ed 1


German mediator explains intelligence agency's role in Shalit deal

Speaking to reporters, top German intelligences officials laud prisoner exchange deal, warning, however, that the situation was still fragile.

While explaining their role in the prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas that would see IDF soldier Gilad Shalit free, top German intelligence officials said on Friday that the situation will continue to be fragile until Shalit arrives in Israel.
The comments were made by the German mediator to the Shalit talks Gerhard Conrad and the head of German intelligence Ernst Uhrlau, who had aided Israel in talks geared at retrieving former IDF officer Elhanan Tannenbaum from Hezbollah captivity in 2004….