Grapevine: A building in which history was made

09.03.2011                      03.Adar ll, 5771


Grapevine: A building in which history was made

Binyanei Ha’uma marks 60th anniversary, Silvan Shalom organizes Int'l Women’s Day event and Cameri Theater launches Books on Stage.

THE JERUSALEM International Convention Center, or Binyanei Ha’uma, last week attracted several hundred people from all over the country who flocked to Jerusalem to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the building which, even more than the Knesset, symbolizes the return of the Jewish people to its ancestral homeland. Whereas the Knesset is the seat of legislation, Binyanei Ha’uma, which is jointly owned by the Jewish Agency and the Jerusalem Municipality, was established as a permanent home for the Zionist Congress, and in fact the first event held there was the 23rd Zionist Congress which took place while construction was still in progress.

Since then, it has hosted many different kinds of prestigious events – national and international conferences, concerts, dance recitals, theatrical performances, song contests and the International Jerusalem Book Fair. Under the stewardship of CEO Mira Altman, Binyanei Ha’uma has developed way beyond the dreams of its founding fathers….