Grapevine: ZAKA celebrates 10 years

21.10.2011                      23.Tischrei. 5772                       Simchat Torah


Grapevine: ZAKA celebrates 10 years

‘You do a sacred job here and around the world’

THERE WERE dignitaries and celebrities galore at the Tel Aviv Port’s Hangar 11, joining emergency response and rescue organization ZAKA (Hebrew: זק"א‎, abbreviation for Zihuy Korbanot Ason, literally: Disaster Victim Identification) in celebrating its 10th anniversary. The event was hosted by the president of the ZAKA International Board of Directors and of the World Congress of Georgian Jews, Russian businessman Michael Mirilashvili. A generous supporter of ZAKA, Mirilashvili donates not only much-needed equipment to the organization (including two fire-fighting ATVs after the Carmel Forest Fire, and most recently – in September – a ZAKA ambulance and emergency medical clinic in Uman to service the Rosh Hashana pilgrims who visit the grave of Rabbi Nachman), but also a lot of his time.

Many of his friends and business associates who were in the country for a wedding the previous evening also attended the ZAKA event and agreed to join the board. Membership included a significant donation to the organization….