Haaretz Q&A with Ambassador Richard Williamson

09.06.2012                      19.Siwan. 5772                      Beha'alotcha


Haaretz Q&A with Ambassador Richard Williamson

Adviser to U.S. Republican presidential candidate says the former Massachusetts governor approves of arming Syria's rebels, making credible threats against Iran.

Q. Governor Romney has said that he thinks that the US should arm the rebels in Syria. Given the complex situation there – is that really such a good idea?

A. This humanitarian crisis has now gone on for over 16 months and for two months after the violence began, Secretary [of State Hillary] Clinton and the Obama Administration were saying that Bashar el Assad is a “reformer.” Then they said no, this has to stop and he has to go, but they’ve done nothing more than that rhetorically. With the Security Council they’ve had a “mother, may I approach” where Russia determines what we can do, and as you know, Russia has a strategic interest in Syria, its foothold in the Arab world. It has been and continues to arm the Assad regime….