Healthy Eating: Six ’stress-free‘ super foods

07.07.2011                      05.Tammus, 5771

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Healthy Eating: Six 'stress-free' super foods

Find out which foods may be all you need to help relax and calm yourself before or after a long stressful day.

Feeling overly anxious? Trouble sleeping because of nerves? When people become stressed they generally gravitate towards “comfort foods” – buttery mashed potatoes, Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Money, a plate of crispy French fries– basically if it’s high in fat and/or sugar and low in nutrition, we crave it. While these foods will lift our mood and make us feel better for a minute or two, the relaxed sensation doesn’t last long and we quickly return to our overly tensed state. 
So to help calm your nerves, and keep your stress levels down, you might need to say bye bye to those so called “comfort foods” and instead reach for others that will provide you with essential nutrients that may actually reduce stress and anxiety in the long run….